How it works


  • Get paid through cash at your doorstep for your E wastes.
  • Get paid by online transactions or pay tm as a part of digitization.
  • Get our refurbished products at low price along with warranty. Exchange of e waste is also done in our organization.
  • Get our vouchers to buy new products at our respective dealers.

Environmental benefits

  • Safe handling and disposal procedures undertaken by our organization.
  • Proper recycling helps prevent environmental degradation.
  • Reduces the release of toxic gases to environment.
  • Prevents soil and ground water contamination by avoiding e waste dumping on landfill.
  • Helps conserve natural resources.

Your contribution can help protect environment

E-cycle-infographic copy

  • Reduce the Improper handling of electrical and electronic products.
  • Reuse the electronics as much as possible such as passing it over to other people rather than disposing.
  • Do not sell to rag pickers or informal scrap dealers.
  • Your donation of e wastes to our organization will help formal recycling.
  • Your act can help in rural digitization and reduce the heavy metal contamination in landfill.
  • You can conserve the natural resource and protect environment by channelizing your e waste to green era recyclers.

Facts and benefits of recycling e waste

  • At present scenario E waste generation all over the world accounts for about 500 lakh tons annually and India is the fifth biggest generator in world of around 20 lakh tons.
  • Recycling 1 lakh ton of steel saves mining 1 lakh ton of iron ore, 71800 tons of coal and 6200 tons of limestone.
  • Recycling e waste saves energy of about 660 trillion BTUs which is amount of electricity required for 60 lakh homes annually.
  • Recycling 10 lakh laptops saves energy as much electricity used by 3657 homes annually.
  • Safe recycling of obsolete electronics promotes sound management of toxic chemicals such as lead, cadmium, beryllium, mercury which enters the food chain of living beings.
  • Recycling recovers valuable materials as a result, we can save energy, reduce pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save resources by extracting fewer raw materials from the earth.
  • Recycling helps in protecting the ecological balance by preventing pollution. Safe disposal of e-waste is one of the best solutions of a recycler.

Be wise on waste disposal, we offer recycling and safe handling of e waste in our facility for better future.